Clarifying Plutarch's Parallel Lives on Alexander and the Macedonians

 Part 1

Items from Macedonian tomb
Archaeological Museum, Thessaloniki
Photo by M.E.B
July 1st, 2011
Miltiades Elia Bolaris

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Following a brief elegy to the greatness of Plutarch, an ancient Greek writer best known for his "Moralia" and the "Parallel lives", the Slavomacedonian propagandist going by the Italian sounding pseudonym Gandeto proceeded to develop his main theme:

"...to revisit some of (Plutarch's) references about the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Macedonians...", whereby "...from Plutarch´s phrases we can deduce that he neither saw the Ancient Macedonians as Greeks nor did he, even remotely, ever suggest that the Ancient Macedonians were connected to the Hellenes". 

Gandeto, in fact, assures us, that Plutarch's "...phrases abound with frank distinction between Macedonians and Greeks and, at no time, do we find ambiguous references used in distinguishing or in describing these two ancient peoples. The ethnic separation is not an issue; the roles are quite divergent and the clarity of purpose is evident. The boundary lines are precise and the positions taken are straightforward and meaningful. In other words, Plutarch makes it abundantly clear that ancient Macedonians were not Greeks.

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